The San Diego Jewish Academy campus at dusk

About SDJA

GMLS students laugh and play during music class

The SDJA Difference

For more than 40 years, SDJA has been a leader in preschool to 12th-grade education – inspiring and supporting students with personalized, innovative learning guided by Jewish values that creates meaningful Jewish life for generations.

At SDJA, students receive personalized attention, engage in innovative approaches to learning, and are a part of academics that challenge and inspire all in a supportive, welcoming Jewish community environment.

Our Mission

SDJA empowers each student to learn for life, guided by Jewish values and rooted in strength of community.

Our Vision

San Diego Jewish Academy is shaping the foundation of future thinkers, creators, and community leaders by blending modern education with greater purpose and meaning.

What sets us apart

We Challenge Minds

How we educate: Small classes and a connected campus allow us to guide learning in intimate and thoughtful ways.

We Inspire Purpose

How we teach values and tradition: We instill a deep understanding and respect for the values and insights of Jewish tradition and a connection to Israel that helps students live meaningful Jewish lives.

We Explore Possibilities

How we advance futures: We embrace a curriculum that brings creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking alive on campus and expands thinking through real-world experience.

Zvi Weiss

Zvi Weiss has been our head of school for 3 years, and brings a wealth of educational knowledge.

Welcome from our Head of School

Stepping onto the SDJA campus, I am always struck by the sheer joy exuded from all corners of our state-of-the-art campus. Students are engaged in meaningful learning, collaborating, and helping one another. Teachers show a genuine passion for tapping into each student’s interests and are committed to helping each student thrive. This is the SDJA experience–whether in classrooms, gardens, labs, playgrounds, athletic facilities, or art & music studios, from the Early Childhood Center through the Golda Meir Lower School and Maimonides Upper School.

As a strong and vibrant community grounded in Jewish values, SDJA weaves Jewish and secular learning intentionally and purposefully, bringing meaning to children’s lives. SDJA empowers each student to learn for life, guided by Jewish values and rooted in the strength of community.

Accreditation teams and other independent sources, including our Blue-Ribbon award from the U.S. Department of Education, affirm the SDJA approach. So, too, do our alumni who are leaders, changemakers, and active contributors to society in the United States, Israel, and around the globe. Yet, we find the most affirmation for our approach in our students' enthusiasm, joy, and engagement.

This website offers just a snapshot of who we are as an SDJA family and the experience of our students. Come see for yourself how we challenge minds, inspire purpose, and explore possibilities. I encourage you to join us soon for a campus tour. B’ruchim habaim - Welcome!

Zvi Weiss Signature

Zvi Weiss, Head of School

Values of an SDJA Education


Prayer and other ritual mitzvot that connects us with our spirituality and God.


Study, in the broadest sense of the word, that reflects Jewish values, history, and beliefs, which are considered the foundation of all learning.

Klal Yisrael

Connectedness to one another, our family, and the Jewish people of Israel.


Acts of kindness and righteousness towards our fellow human beings and supporting those in need.


The strong belief that Israel is both a homeland and State for the Jewish people.


Acting in a fair and just manner and being compassionate towards other people.

Portrait of an SDJA Graduate

Our graduates are leaders and positive changemakers in their communities and worldwide. SDJA instills in each student a foundational set of values, skills, knowledge, and experiences so that every SDJA graduate:

  • Actively embodies a meaningful, informed, and personal connection to Judaism, Israel, and the Jewish people that infuses and enriches all aspects of their lives and guides their interaction with the world around them.
  • Thoughtfully approaches opportunities and challenges in any field, subject, or life circumstance with the curiosity to ask significant questions, the passion to learn, and the confidence to implement solutions.
  • Creates and maintains lifelong relationships that add meaning to their lives, enabling them to support each other and connect and engage deeply in community and society.
SDJA graduate speaking at a commencement ceremony with 2023 in balloon numbers behind her.