Three girls in SDJA uniforms, painting outdoors in Levana's Garden and smiling for a photo.

Golda Meir Lower School

Kindergarten - 5th grade

Instead Of Paino Science

Where joyful learning leads to meaningful impact

At Golda Meir Lower School (GMLS), we see every student as an individual. Through personalized academics, positive nurturing relationships, and an integrated curriculum, we provide opportunities for students to challenge their strengths, explore their unique interests, and develop a lifelong passion for learning. At GMLS, education comes alive through interdisciplinary inquiry, exploration, and reflection. We foster the whole child's growth through intentional instruction in our academic and Middot (values-based) programs. Our intimate classroom environment inspires students to ask insightful questions and apply their knowledge to formulate real-life solutions to our world’s most significant challenges. 

Challenge Minds

Children come to us with diverse talents and individual aptitudes. Our intimate learning environment allows teachers to discover each child’s unique learning style and provide a highly personalized approach where children are not limited in learning by age or grade. Core subjects are integrated into all areas of learning, including art, science, and music, to support deeper learning.

Inspire Purpose

We teach children to connect our Jewish values to the way they live their lives as human beings, acknowledging and celebrating character achievements alongside academic successes. While learning modern Hebrew, and participating in our Jewish traditions and celebrations, they learn what it means to live a meaningful life with a deep relationship

Explore Possibilities

Learning is happening all around campus through our student clubs and advanced programming in the arts, STEM, music, and sports. We invite guests from the community to speak with our students and bring new perspectives, and we journey out into the community to explore new places and ideas through class field trips and retreats.

Come join us!

Choosing the right school for your child is among the most important decisions you will make. Our team is available to answer any questions you have about the SDJA experience. We look forward to meeting you and your family in person soon.

What students & parents are saying

Dahlia Maman, Her GMLS Student, And One Of Her MUS Students

SDJA has given my children a community where they can connect with other Jews who are their peers. They have a big social group that celebrates all the same holidays they do; they feel like they are part of a greater whole.

SDJA Parent