Lower School And Upper School Student At Yom HaAtzmaut Ceremony

Jewish Life

A group of students takes a photo after volunteering at the food pantry.

Bringing Jewish values and traditions to life

We foster a deep and meaningful connection to Jewish traditions and values throughout your child's educational journey. Each school immerses its students in Judaism through a combination of age-appropriate education, experiences, and celebrations that create a strong foundation for a Jewish life. 

Early Childhood Center

Our approach to Jewish life is rooted in experiential learning, which encourages our little learners to explore and discover the significance of holidays and traditions through hands-on activities. Whether it's making a Shofar for Rosh Hashanah, or planting in our garden for Tu Bishvat, our students actively participate in celebrating these special occasions. Central to the ECC experience is the weekly Friday tradition of Kabbalat Shabbat. Our students welcome the arrival of the Sabbath with heartfelt prayers, songs, and a deep sense of communal unity. These early experiences lay a strong foundation for a lifelong connection to Jewish traditions, fostering a sense of pride and belonging within our SDJA community.

Golda Meir Lower School

At the Lower School, we believe in bringing Jewish life to campus through experiences that engage senses and challenge thinking. Whether it is the smell of apple cake for Rosh Hashanah, Hamentachen on Purim, or the burning potatoes for Lag Ba’omer, students learn through doing and discussing. Our Student life activities go beyond the classroom walls as we participate in Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, and Gmilut Hasedim, acts of kindness to others. As just one example, we collect food, clothing, school supplies and books to share with the greater community. Immersing the students in Jewish life allows them to not only learn about Judaism but also experience being part of a welcoming supportive community.

Maimonides Upper School

Jewish life programming in the Upper School includes education, experience, and reflection. These pieces combine to strengthen a student's Jewish identity and their sense of community. In addition to celebrating holidays and acts of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, Jewish values are woven into many of our general studies programs and student life experiences. Time for reflection is included as part of most Jewish programs and is an opportunity to make meaning through the experience. We believe that a strong Jewish foundation built through Jewish experiences will help students remain connected to their Judaism as an adult.