Class of 2023 graduation speech


SDJA graduating class during their trip to Israel

Building connections for a lifetime

As an alumni of the San Diego Jewish Academy, you'll always be a valued part of our extended family, benefiting from lifelong connections, professional growth, and the shared pride in our alma mater's accomplishments and achievements. Your journey as an alumnus is just beginning, and together, we'll continue to shape our institution's legacy.

Join our network of alumni

The San Diego Jewish Academy Alumni Network is a vibrant and dynamic hub for graduates, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie among its members. The Network ensures that SDJA graduates remain connected to their alma mater and fellow alumni. Through a wide array of events, networking opportunities, and initiatives, the SDJA Alumni Network aims to provide ongoing support and value to its members. Please email to learn more. 

SDJA alumni pose during a reunion event

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Our Alumni Board

The SDJA Alumni Board provides opportunities for alumni to be engaged with SDJA in key leadership roles that support the Alumni Network. From planning events to broadening partnership in the community, our Alumni Board provides significant impact for the school, to each other, and to the greater alumni community. 

2023-2024 SDJA Alumni Board

  • Alison "Ali" Adelman '08, Past President
  • Michele Goldfarb-Shapiro '09, President
  • Joshua "Josh" Losner ‘10, Vice-President 
  • Jorge Adler '10, Alumni Board Member
  • Gabriela "Gabi" (Rothman) Kass '12, Alumni Board Member
  • Kerrie Wilcox '08, Alumni Board Member
  • Kayla Swartzberg '21, Alumni Board Member
  • Lee (Wallach) Weinstein '07, Alumni Board Member
  • Bradley "Brad" Tradonsky '11, Alumni Board Member
  • Alison "Ali" Tradonsky '12, Alumni Board Member

Join our Alumni Board

Whether you’re in San Diego or elsewhere in the world, we would love to have you join the Alumni Board! Email with any questions before applying.