Student Support

Golda Meir Lower School

Ensuring growth and success for every student

At GMLS, we put your child at the heart of their learning journey, with personalized support to help every student thrive academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Our dedicated Student Support Team (SST) ensures that each child reaches their maximum potential.

Lower school students gather around a table during class

Student Support at SDJA

Student Support for All

We provide  tailored learning experiences for every student. But we go further to identify those who may need extra support or enrichment. Students benefit from small-group interventions led by our Academic Specialists or classroom teachers. Our team includes literacy specialists, math specialists, and Hebrew specialists for our lower school students.

The Learning Center

Our Lower School Learning Center (LC) is a hub for individualized academic support. LC students receive one-on-one and small group interventions customized to their unique needs, seamlessly integrated into their academic program. The LC also instills vital executive skills like organization, time management, flexible thinking, self-monitoring, self-regulation, and planning and prioritizing. We ensure reasonable classroom and testing accommodations are available to eligible GMLS students.


Our Lower School Counselor plays a pivotal role in nurturing your child's social and emotional development. Classroom sessions with age-appropriate lessons help students grow emotionally. We work closely with teachers to provide targeted support for students facing social-emotional challenges.