College Counseling

Maimonides Upper School

Discover Your Path

Our college counseling program, led by Dean of Academics and Director of College Counseling, Steve Kahn, is centered on self-discovery. Through one-on-one conversations, students embark on a journey leading to personalized college recommendations tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

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Student and teacher working together during a college counseling session

College Counseling Process

Junior Year

Starting in the second semester of junior year, students engage in weekly small group sessions with Mr. Kahn, breaking down the complexities of the college application process. From crafting application essays to navigating various application systems–including UC, California State University, and the Common Application–Mr. Kahn provides  comprehensive guidance.

Senior Year

Senior year, students transition to individual 30-minute meetings with Mr. Kahn, scheduled at their convenience. These meetings delve into resume building, essay refinement, and addressing any student concerns or stresses.


The capstone of our program is the creation of personalized letters of recommendation, informed by students' junior year journal reflections and teacher feedback. As our students finalize their college choices and submit applications, they do so with a deep understanding of their educational journey.