Learning Center

Maimonides Upper School

Developing confident, independent learners

The Upper School Learning Center (LC) is a resource for students with a psycho-educational evaluation who need individualized academic support. Enrollment in the LC is determined in partnership with the Dean of Academics, the Learning Center Leadership Team, and the Head of Upper School. By designing and implementing research-based interventions and accommodations, we aim to guide students to become confident, independent learners in a healthy and safe environment.

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Learning Center Services

LC Class

Students enrolled in the LC attend a credit-based class with a small group of students and meet every other day as a part of the student’s academic schedule. A Learning Specialist teaches the LC class. 

Class Goals: 

  • Students develop study skills and learning strategies in the context of academic content courses. 
  • Embedded within each LC period is the development of executive functioning skills such as planning, organization, and task initiation.
  • Individualized learning goals are designed for each student. The learning goals are based on psycho-educational testing, teacher input, and academic performance data.

Course Assessments

Students enrolled in the LC take their tests in the Upper School Testing Center (TC). In a small number of cases, if indicated on the IAP, access to testing in the LC for individualized support as well as the implementation of accommodations, are provided.

Academic Courses

Although there is always extensive collaboration between the LC Learning Specialists and classroom teachers, course-specific questions relating to missing work, assessment preparation, AP Exam preparation, and project support should be initiated by students with their teachers. Through robust relationships with both the course teachers and their learning specialists, upper school students will grow as confident, independent learners.

Support Network

LC Learning Specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to monitor student progress and problem-solve as challenges arise. LC learning specialists also work and communicate regularly with parents to promote student success and resolve challenges or concerns.

Family Education

The LC teacher team conducts workshops and coffee talks for parents to learn applicable practices to support their children in reaching their potential. We are partners with you, working to ensure that your children learn, grow, and thrive. 

Individualized Accommodation Plan

Working in collaboration with parents, the Academic Leadership Team develops an Individualized Accommodations Plan (IAP) for the LC student based on psycho-educational testing, teacher input, and academic performance data. This plan is shared with classroom teachers and support is provided to teachers for the implementation as needed.