Hebrew Curriculum

Maimonides Upper School

Building confidence, capability, and connection through language

We want students to develop facilities in all language acquisitions, including reading, writing, speaking, and understanding both written and oral Hebrew. Our Hebrew program is taught through the immersion process (ivrit b'ivrit) where the instructor actively speaks Hebrew to encourage students to do the same. Speaking Hebrew confidently enables students to deepen their connection to Israel while communicating with Jews worldwide.

Maimonides Upper School uses the Ulpan Or curriculum for Hebrew education. The program teaches modern Hebrew, using popular Israeli songs, humorous dialogs, commonly used Israeli phrases, videos, newspaper articles (E-Tone), and more. 

Mosaic Menorah against a blue sky

Ulpan Or Curriculum

The Ulpan Or curriculum matches the required ACTFL levels. Each level in the curriculum is divided into 10 units which build the different skills (listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing) layer by layer.

Ulpan Or Levels Based on ACTFL Guidelines